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PescaLoca.com was established by Capt. Bill Delabar and fishing enthusiast Isaac Martinez. Our goal is to create a valuable and reliable resource for the local and traveling sport fishing community that will both provide a service for the sportsman as well as a universal forum for popular and relevant fishing information.

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What separates a recreational fisherman from the professional is simple: preparation! That is why we have centralized most of the critical information you need to know before heading offshore. In addition, we offer a free membership to our PescaLoca.com forum. Through the PescaLoca.com forum we encourage all of our members to exchange information about their catch and fishing experience. By sharing your experience and the conditions of the ocean (such as depth, water temperature, and your general area), you will help participate in expanding the fishery of Panama.

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As our membership grows, so will our FREE services! In the future we look forward to offering free Sea Temperature Charts, Chlorophyll Charts, Salinity Charts and much more.

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PescaLoca.com is proud to offer several sponsor and ad spots throughout the site to help spread the word about local businesses, while supporting the local fishing community. To get the details on becoming a sponsor or applying for an advertised spot, contact us TODAY >

We hope you enjoy the site and our ever expanding resource we offer.

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